For professional designers, sometimes finding the most appropriate typography with realistic brush strokes can be a time-consuming task. In this featured post we have collated 30 of the best brush script fonts to help you save time and complete your projects faster.

A brush script font is a special typeface that can make your designs extra creative with styling that allows for greater design options and is commonly used as a display font. It’s ideal for signage, logos, headers, invitations, t-shirt designs, and posters. Within our list, you’ll find both free and premium options.

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What is a Brush Script font?

Brush script fonts are typically designed to display two design elements which is a combination of cursive handwriting with a physical brush stroke used by an artist. Initially, artists created brush-inspired typography by hand using an actual brush, but in the digital age, designers can recreate that effect perfectly, making the font look like it was handwritten. The brush script font had its beginnings around 1942 by Robert E. Smith for American Type Founders.

30 Best Brush Script Fonts For Designers to Create Stunning Designs:

1. Mantaray – Brush Script

Designed especially for headlines and displays, the Mantaray brush script has a unique creative feel and comes with many glyph options. When you download the font, you will get an entire set of both cases, numerals, and characters. Hence you can use it for fashion, greeting cards, wedding invitations, books, logos, advertising projects, website banners, and headers.

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2. Austhina

Austhina brush script typeface is a perfect font for magazines, websites, posters, and even digital applications. You will get two style fonts upon download. The characters are well arranged, along with a subtle grunge effect. In addition, the irregular baseline gives it a handmade look making it usable for fashion, food, and lifestyle industries.


3. Amithen

In a font similar to the above option, Amithen is more refined in terms of the stroke and has a hint of grunge effect. The irregular baseline gives it a handmade feel. A complete set of letters and numbers are included in this font, and you can apply them in projects related to branding, logo designing, T-shirts, packaging, and other print applications.


4. Synthesia

Brush script is often combined with handwritten fonts to generate creative fonts. Synthesia handwritten script is one such font that has stylish swashes and extenders, giving the font a good recall. It comes with all cases and punctuations and supports +20 languages. You can use this font for branding, outdoor branding, travel blogs, and digital marketing.


5. Alexa Modern Brush Script

Alexa is unlike the standard brush fonts, as it mixes regular and cursive writing. In addition, the uppercase letters are more refined, while the lowercase letters have an edgy feel, making this font creative. You can use this font for typography, doodling or setting up quotes on top of high-resolution stock images.

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6. Qindom Brush Fonts

Inspired by the swift motion of brush on canvas, Qindom Brush Fonts is a creative brush script font that can be used for headers and posters. You will get uppercase, lowercase numbers, and symbols in this font, making their use case strong. Given their interesting swashes, you can use them for greeting cards, invitations, packaging, and even social media posts.

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7. Rising Script

The Rising Script signature typeface combines many genres in one font. It has the characteristic vintage-looking signature effect imposed upon the brush script. The stems of some of the letters are strong, which complements the extended ligatures. Even though this font will have limited applications, it will stand out when you use it for film covers, apparel, posters, and other header applications.

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8. Watermelon Sorbet

If you are looking for a brush script font for creatives representing the summer, feel then the Watermelon Sorbet font is a good option. The name itself suggests how delicious this font will be. In addition, the ripped texture imposed on the font gives it a watercolor effect. You can use them for sectors like food, clothing, or lifestyle items.

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9. Esthes

Estes is a modern brush script typeface that can provide an exquisite look to your design. However, the fonts are best suited for large-size applications as they may not be very legible when used for long texts. The best way to use these fonts is to apply them in logo designing, branding, packaging, labeling, or even for invitations and greeting cards.

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10. Bashira

With a fine combination of brush script and signature fonts, the Bashira typeface has a clean and stylish feel. The font comes with options of script regular and slanted. You can use this sleek font for logo design, typography, branding, magazine and book covers, packaging, and other applications which need a signature font style.


11. Flamingo

As the name suggests, this font is inspired by the physical attributes of the flamingo bird. This is particularly noticeable in the ascenders and the arms of the letters. The good part about this font is that it is not a strong brush font with characters flying into each other. Hence you can use this font for branding, quotes, posters, invitations, and greeting cards.


12. Sortdecai

A modern hand-lettered brush script typeface, Sortdecai, is a stylish font with a calligraphy feel. Upon download, you will get uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and punctuations along with 200 glyphs, making the font more usable. You can easily use this font for logos, packaging, and outdoor branding.


13. Machity

Textures can help generate an extra handmade feel to a font style, which is what the designer has done in the Machity brush script. The characters are a bit standard, just width extra width. But the texture and handmade appeal make the font stand out. You can apply this font in applications such as logos, packaging, invitations, posters, and other large print applications.


14. Elisabeth Brush Script

Ornated with natural scratches, the Elisabeth brush script is an excellent font to add to your collection. The typeface displays a neat set of characters with stylish ligatures and has multiple applications. You can use this font for logos, branding, watermark, label design, and anything that would need a handwriting style font.

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15. Sandershon

The Sandershon font stands out thanks to its unique swashes and ligatures. It is the font you can easily use for a wordmark logo as it is uniquely styled and would give a good brand recall. In addition, you can use this font for other branding purposes, social media posts, posters, greeting and invitation cards, and outdoor branding.


16. Rekan

A font with a wide stem, Rekan brush script can be used wherever you want to certain words in the message like typography or headlines. You will get uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and punctuations when you download the font. You can use this font for logos, magazines, posters, website banners, and other digital marketing applications.


17. Highlander Marker Script

Highlander marker font is a good option if you are looking for a brush script font with many glyph options and a large set of characters. It stays true to its name by giving a market effect. You can use this font for various applications like logos, branding, posters, and print media such as brochures, flyers, posters, and invitations.

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18. Octavia

A modern calligraphy font style with a watercolor effect, the Octavia script is a refreshing brush script font. While the fonts are creative and pleasing, the bigger attraction is the freebies you get along with the font. You will get a whole set of alternative characters along with PNG files of fruits, leaves, brushes, and many more that complement the font.

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19. Mustache Brush Script

Mustache is the type of font that would make your life easy if you are looking for a brush script to create a logo. The typeface comes in three different styles – brush, smooth and rounded. You can apply this font for designing logos, branding, product packaging, merchandise, social media posts, and other marketing applications.

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20. Experiment

The Experiment typeface is unique with its thin characters and uneven texture, a modern and sleek brush script font. The font has a handmade feel, and you can use it for invitations, posters, magazines, and other print applications and digital marketing creatives like social media posts or website banners.


21. Rough Love

The Rough Love brush script font is indeed rough on the edges. This effect is combined with the regular brush script style to give this font its unique feel. You can easily use this font to create logos, corresponding branding and digital assets, and print applications like magazines, posters, and outdoor branding.

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22. Merengue

If you are looking for a creative font related to the food industry, then the Merengue Script font can be a good option. It has large swashes, which give this font quirky characters. Available in both cases, you can use this font for logos, menu design, and marketing applications for the food sector in terms of social media posts, flyers, and website headers.

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23. Sarah Script

The Sarah Script has a western feel to it. The stroke play is well balanced, and the slant adds to the font’s creativity. This font can be used in multiple applications. You can apply it for creating typography, website banners, posters, and magazines and at the same time overlay it on high-resolution stock images for social media posts.

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24. Goodlife by HVD Fonts

The Goodlife font family is one of the most varied families you will encounter. It offers font styles ranging from highly cursive brush scripts to serif style bold fonts and symbols. This is why they are good font to add to your collection. Depending on your project requirement, you can use any font from the family.

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25. Kewl

The Kewl Script fonts are truly ‘Cool’. The designer has given this font style creative extenders and swashes, like the letter J and Y extending over three to four characters. This is why you can use this font for typography, headers, and even wordmark logos. Apart from that, you can apply this brush script font for social media posts, magazine and book covers, labeling, product packaging and other print applications.


26. Paint Brush Script

The Paint Brush script is a good option if you are looking for a standard handmade brush script font with an inline effect. Throughout all the characters, the designer has ensured a strong inline effect that accentuates the brush and handcrafted appeal. You can use this font for greetings, invitations and postcards, magazines and flyers, and digital marketing creatives.

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27. Plum Brush Script Font

The Plum brush script font is unique and creative, thanks to the highly irregular stem width. In addition, the designer has smartly alternated the character width to give the font a refreshing feel. Both the cases are available, and you can use this font for logos, branding, labeling, packaging, and large print applications like outdoor branding, posters, and flyers.

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28. Bafora

The Bafora font is an OpenType SVG font that uses the standard brush script approach but has an enhanced stroke effect. This effect makes the font unique and gives it a handmade appeal. You can use this font for large-size applications like posters, flyers, banners, website headers, and other digital marketing applications.


29. Brush Signature

Coming with an extensive set of around 300 characters and glyphs, the Brush Signature font is an elegant-looking font that sticks to the basics of brush and signature font. The brush effect is more prominent in some letters. You can use this font for wordmark logos, branding material, invitations, greetings, and other print applications like magazines, flyers, and posters.

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30. Futuristic Rottesla

If you want to give your design a creative vintage feel, then the Futuristic Rottesla font can be a good option. It has stylish extenders, swashes, and an irregular baseline to impose the handmade appeal. You can easily use this font for logos, branding, product design, packaging, and headline text on websites, posters, flyers, and magazine covers.

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Summary of The Best Brush Script Fonts for Designers

If you are ready to transform your designs and create a “wow factor”, consider the options we have put together in our list of the Best Brush Script fonts for designers. We believe these are some of the coolest-looking fonts that will provide an artistic personal touch to your projects.

What’s Next? Please let us know your favorites in the comments below and be sure to share this post with other designers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.